Years at Nandez:

30 Years

Years in the Industry:

30 Years

“The Heart”

Architect-turned-builder Charlie Hernandez’ design and detail sensibility is grounded in his knowledge of the making process and a fascination with material experimentation.

His passion for design has been a driving force throughout his career, propelling him to constantly push boundaries and provide our clients with innovative architectural solutions. With a strong commitment to flawless execution, he ensures that every project is delivered to the highest standards.

Charlie obtained his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Louisiana State University – School of Architecture in 2004. His education awakened in him a mindset of seeking new answers and embracing creative approaches to design challenges. Following his studies, he honed his skills and gained valuable experience by working for Award-wining LaguardaLow Architects in Dallas, Texas. During this time, he had the opportunity to contribute to numerous large-scale projects across the globe, broadening his perspective on international architectural practices.

In 2009, Charlie made the move to Miami, Florida, where he founded Nandez Design Studio. Taking the lead in the studio, he has since been shaping and refining what he believes is the ideal model for Design+Build in South Florida. This forward-thinking approach combines his expertise in architectural design with a comprehensive understanding of the construction process, resulting in seamless integration between concept and execution.

Charlie’s vision and leadership have propelled Nandez Design Studio to new heights. With a focus on Miami, he continues to drive the studio’s growth while consistently delivering exceptional design solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.

You can find him late at night in the studio…