Years at Nandez:

30 Years

Years in the Industry:

30 Years

“The Brains”

Fabiana plays a vital role in our company as she assumes the responsibility of overseeing our financial operations. With her extensive experience and expertise, she contributes significantly to critical decision-making processes and the execution of financial strategies that drive the success of our studio. Having been a Partner since 2012, Fabiana has played a crucial part in shaping our company structure and facilitating its overall growth.

Fabiana’s problem-solving skills are truly exceptional, allowing her to tackle complex financial challenges with ease. Her ability to identify innovative solutions has been instrumental in ensuring the success and sustainability of our business.

Fabiana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad Simon Bolivar, equipping her with a solid technical foundation. She further expanded her knowledge and skill set by obtaining an MBA from NOVA University, enhancing her understanding of business principles and financial management.

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