Wellington, FL


3,800 sqft


Commercial / Farm


New Construction





“An atypical stable…” was the description of the client when attempting to describe what he wanted for his new horse stable in Wellington, FL.

“I want to get out of the box, I do not want just another boring stable, I want my horses to be happy…hahaha” he said.

We needed to rethink the typical stable in a playful yet simple way. As many of our clients, budget was a concern, so we had to manage how to make this extremely nice, without breaking the bank.

We opted for common materials, used in an unusual way. Charcoal brick and aged timber take the central stage, as large trellis wrap around creating shaded sitting areas and playing with sunlight as day progresses and sun slowly flies over.Open areas were design around a low-maintenance concept, so lots of hardscape, native grass, and low-maintenance plants were used. A rectangular concrete and wood water feature works for horses to play and cool off, as well as a beautiful mirror-pond to help lower temperatures.

A large open training area sits right in front of the stable, so patrons can sit under the trellis and summer areas and enjoy the horses at the same time.