Coconut Grove Miami, FL


3,500 ft


Single Family Residence


New Construction




Gove meets Oaxaca

This 3500 square foot house in Coconut Grove draws inspiration from a modern interpretation of the Oaxaca style, resulting in a unique fusion of architectural influences. The design seamlessly combines the best of both worlds, merging contemporary elements with the distinctive charm of Mexican beach aesthetics.


The first and biggest challenge was the small lot with many constrains and very specific regulations from T-3 and NCD-3 zonings.


The exterior of the house showcases captivating Oaxaca vibes, characterized by its clean lines, geometric patterns, and bold use of earthy textures. The facade exudes a modern appeal while incorporating traditional elements such as stone and intricate woodwork, paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of Oaxaca.

As you step inside, you are greeted by an interior that effortlessly blends modern sophistication with warm, inviting elements reminiscent of Oaxacan culture. The open floor plan creates a seamless flow between the living spaces, allowing for ample natural light to fill the rooms.


The spacious living area serves as the heart of the house, featuring high ceilings, contemporary furnishings, and an abundance of natural materials like wood and stone. Large windows not only offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape but also connect the interior with the lush outdoor spaces, creating a harmonious integration of indoor and outdoor living.


Outside, the house is surrounded by small but carefully landscaped tropical gardens that complement the Oaxacan theme. Lush tropical plants, vibrant flowers, and indigenous foliage create a serene oasis, inviting residents to unwind and enjoy the outdoor environment. A spacious patio or terrace provides an ideal setting for entertaining guests or simply enjoying the Miami weather.