Miami, FL


20,000 Sf.




New construction / Prefab


Under construction



This 20,000 sf lot on a main high-traffic road calls for a lot of presence from the street. Also, local regulations required specific height and width, along with other very particular details in order to be approved by the board of architects.

Just like any other investment property, this project required quick turn-around, which was impossible to meet with stardard construyction method. Therefore the approach was to use prefabricated modules built and inspected in a shop in order to accelerate the long and tedious construction process.

Four prefab container-like boxes layed out next to each other comprise this complex, along with a large cover for bleachers and extra-large advertising screen along the main road.

The four boxes, 1,200 Sf. total, serve as office, proshop, bar/restaurant, juice bar and bathrooms.

Two 6-on-6 futsal fields sit behind the boxes, screened off from the street by the façade.