Brickell Financial District


3 Acres


Public / Temporary






Open Arts

Right on the south end of the Brickell financial district, a 3.2 acres lot sits abandoned, currently used as parking.

The Studio was approached by a private investor group to come up with a concept for a public space to serve as a park for this densely populated area.The space was to be used for several different purposes, food trucks hub, farmer’s market, popup events and concerts, open-space art exhibits, enclosed gatherings and dog park.The main goal was to create a temporary, yet functional and eco-friendly solution for a public space, with a very low budget and locally surce materials.

The concept emphasizes the two main axes, and use these as “food corridors” connecting all the different spaces. These walkable corridors are covered with a light folded structure combining wood trellis and polycarbonate sheets, completely open on all sides to allow for natural ventilation using breeze tunnels from the bay two blocks away. A topographic element appears as a “hill” covered with wood shipping palettes creating a sort of “stage” or amphitheater for events and gatherings, siting on the north end, the use of shipping palettes is carried on the southeast end for the open-air art exhibit area.